South End

One of Boston’s most popular areas is known for its diversity, fine dining and charm.

Welcome to South End

First developed over one hundred and fifty years ago, as a fashionable and prominent residential neighborhood, the South End has recently been rejuvenated and reinvigorated, inside and out. Me­ticulous renovations have restored the townhouses and homes, and some units have been convert­ed into condominiums, all enhancing the original beauty of the brick walls, exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, fancy woodwork, balconies and grand arches and entryways.
Outdoors, brick and cobblestone sidewalks and streets have been redone and new gas lantern streetlights have been added to recapture the 18th century charm and authenticity. The greenery of parks, big and small, provide aesthetic beauty and encourage outdoor enjoyment, as do the quaint shops that provide interesting and needed goods.
Of course, convenience is a major reason for living here with the commerce, culture, and shopping of the rest of the city at your doorstep.
Today's South End provides a comfortable, satisfy­ing lifestyle for all who have the good sense to ap­preciate its ambience and special amenities.

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